7 players/team – 4 on court + Goalie + 2 subs

Every team must have a staff sponsor that will be at every game.  Your     staff sponsor may play if they wish.

All players must wear appropriate gym clothing. Team Uniforms are strongly encouraged (teams must at least match).

Only players registered on an Intramural team will be allowed to play for their specified team. Players may be entered on one team only.

Games will start at exactly 12:05pm (warm-ups to be done between 11:55-12:05. All players are to be prepared and on the court at these times.  Failure to be present at the start of the game results in a loss for that game.

Games will be 2 – 12 minute halves.  Team with the most goals after the expired time wins.

Once the game is completed, scores will be recorded and signed by both team captains.

Results will be posted on Intramural Board and in Titan News and PA announcements; participants are responsible for checking their next game time.

Rules: (as per CBC Play-On National Championship Rules)

(2) 12 minute halves will be played.

To start the game there will be an opening face-off by the referee.

 All games will be played 5-on-5, including the goaltender (i.e. 4 out players plus one goalie on the court at all times). A team may play without a goaltender, if it chooses to do so, at any time during the match.

Once a goal is scored, team must retreat to ½ court.  They can begin chasing again once one player from attacking team or the ball breaks past ½ court.

Substitutions can be made on the fly, no stoppage of play is necessary.

When the ball is covered by the goaltender, the defending team gets possession of the ball behind their net. The other team must give the team with the ball 3 meters of space to make a play. The team with possession is allowed 5 seconds to put the ball in play.

In the round robin games can end in a tie.  Once in the elimination round a 3 person shootout will take place to decide a winner.

When a ball leaves play, the team that touched it last must give 3 meters space and five seconds for the ball to be brought back into play by the opposing team.



There shall be no slashing, hooking tripping, crosschecking, high sticking, or inappropriate stick work of any kind. Doing so shall result in a penalty shot for the other team. More serious offenses, including, but not limited to, spearing and/or butt-ending, shall result in an individual being immediately removed from a tournament.

If player takes a slapshot it will result in a penalty and a penalty shot for the other team.  No slapshots will be tolerated.

Any player that gets penalized two times during one game for incidents mentioned above will be disqualified from participating in the remainder of that game. The team will also then be forced to play the remainder of the game short-handed (i.e. 3-on-4. It's like a red card in soccer!)

Any contact made with the ball when the stick is above the crossbar will be penalized with a penalty shot. Penalties awarded as a result of making contact with the ball with a high stick also do not count against the two penalties and you are out rule.

The result of all penalties is a penalty shot awarded to the other team. Penalty shots are taken immediately after an infraction, and are taken with the ball being placed at center ice according to breakaway type format.



If in the elimination round a game ends in a tie, it will be decided by a 3 person shootout.  Teams will select 3 different players to shoot.  If it is still tied at the end of this, it will go to a sudden death shootout and the same player may be used over and over.


All final decisions regarding violations/fouls shall rest with the Court Monitor.