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Injury Management

AIM 15 Ankle Taping Exam


      Student asks “what movements cause pain?”

      Student asks “are you allergic to the spray?”

      Student has athlete keep foot in dorsiflexion

      Applies spray

      Applies heel and lace pads

      Uses as little pro wrap as possible

      2 anchors at the top

      First anchor is directly on the skin to secure tape job

      One anchor on the foot at the base of the 5th metatarsal

      2 stirrups from medial to lateral over the ankle bones (   /2)

      2 horseshoes around the back of the heel (   /2)

      Proper closure from top anchors to ankle bones

      2 figure eights, pulling up on the outside of the foot (medial to lateral)  (   /2)

      2 heel locks (2 on outside, 2 on inside) (   /2)

      No windows

      Checks for stability

      Checks for circulation

      No wrinkles

AIM 15 Thumb Taping Exam

      Student asks “what movements cause pain?

      Student asks “are you allergic to the spray?”

      Have athlete hold hand in the proper position (splayed, thumb in handshake).

      Puts an anchor starting on the back, across palm, around thumb and finishing on palm.

      Pinches tape where it will sit in between thumb and pointer finger

      Place ‘hoods’ over the thumb up to the distal joint. (   /2)

      Hoods start on the back of the hand and pull inwards

       Two “figure 8’s” with a half strip of tape. Start on the back, in front and around thumb, and around wrist.  (   /2)

      Finishes with another anchor (same as first)

      Tucks the ending of the finishing anchor underneath the original anchor on the palm

      Checks for circulation

      Checks for stability

      No wrinkles